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Current Status of Date Palm in Egypt2014

Current Status of Date Palm in Egypt

In Egypt there are currently more than 14 million Palm fruitful produces almost 1.3 million tons, according to statistics of Economic Affairs Sector of the Ministry of Agriculture (Egypt 2014), this amount represents different varieties of colors, shapes and sizes eaten wet, half dry and dry.

Egypt's exports represent 1.5% of total production, mostly dry varieties.

Date palm is grown in Egypt in many areas along the 1,500 kilometers of



the shores of the Mediterranean in the north to the borders of Sudan in the south and as this area falls under varying climatic conditions, which were reflected in different varieties of dates.

Moist varieties have spread in the northern regions, which representing 52.1% of the total production in Egypt. Half dry varieties spread in the central areas of Egypt, oases, which represents 33.8% of the total production in Egypt while the dry varieties spread in Upper Egypt especially in Aswan, which represents 14.1 of the total annual production.

Some different varieties in Egypt


Zaghloul ()        Siwi (half dry)                  Skoti (dry)

- Dry and half dry varieties can be stored for long periods until the marketing and consumption.

- Half dry varieties represent the major quantities exported abroad.

Productivity Kg/Palm

% of total production


125 -150


1- Wet Varieties

75 - 85


2- Half dry varieties

70 - 75


3- Dry Varieties


According to previous statistics, there is a clear evolution in the last twenty years. In 1980 the number of fruitful palm was about 6 million trees, which become currently 14 million Palm in 2010.

Total income of date palm fruits is almost more than 5 billion pounds a year, and more than a million citizens live on it, they are the owner of the palms and agricultural labor to serve the palm, harvesting, transportation and marketing.

Date Palm Status in Siwa:

these days are date harvesting season in Siwa, along  with peace celebrations that regularly Oasis people  celebrate for nearly 155 years begins. Everyone prepare for the celebration, old and young, traders and laborers, all go to celebrate yard this season.

Siwa Oasis considers as one of the most important date production areas in Egypt, Siwa includes 550 thousand palm trees out of the 14 million Palms in Egypt. These palm trees planted in 6810 acres, of which Freihi (dry dates), which is known in Alexandria as (Aghazal), and called in Siwa (Alcak) and represent 20% of the production of Siwa.


The (Saidi) dates, which Oasis produces up to 65% of the total production of dates, (al-Azzawi) and is considered the worst variety its production is little more than 15% and used as feed for livestock.


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